Missing Classmates

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WHERE ARE YOU? We have tried to find the following classmates and had no luck. If you know where any of these people are, please let us know, or ask them to contact serena9244@gmail.com.
50th Reunion
Paul, Carolyn, Carole, James, Diane, Annabel, Joyce, Marie, Bob, Dennis, Bruce, Serena, Patricia, Duffy, Dianna, Saverio, Martin, Chamie, Doug, Judy, Fred, Jack, Anne, Richard, Janet, Susan, Jennifer, Anita, Roz, Joe, John, David, Cathleen, Sharyn, Carol, Suzanne, Stuart, Bobbie, Pat, Linda, Anne, Mike, Gary, Brenda, Fred, Sonny, Lisa, Marilyn, Barbara, Alan, Margaret, Geoffrey, Zella, Richard, Jim, Robert, Stan, Delana, Beverly
and more
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